About Dyslexia Scotland North East

Fuelled by the enthusiasm from our Dyslexia Awareness week in November, this branch is now a motivated group, increasing in numbers and developing it's involvement into new fields (i.e. Youth Events, representation on the Aberdeen City Dyslexia Steering Group etc). As we say in the website elsewhere, we are always looking for interested people that would like to help us and get more involved in our local branch. We are presently lacking representation in our group, of individuals with dyslexia and we always welcome new parents/carers and professionals. Why not come along to our next meeting?

Sharing information, useful links and resources is important and key to the role our branch providing helpful support. Please help us  by sending us your comments, recommendations and contributions. We particularly need more emphasis on Adults with Dyslexia—can YOU help?

The Committee Gang (so Far!)

As the saying goes 'many hands make light work'. This is definitely the case for our local Dyslexia Scotland branch. We all have other life commitments that keep us busy, but try to make time to keep Dyslexia Scotland North East running as best we can
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Registered in Scotland (No: SC153321)

Scottish Charity (No: SCO 00951)