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Dyslexia Scotland North East Links

Dyslexia Scotland have a number of links and resources and we are trying to develop more of our own LOCAL ones. Please let us know of any resource, book, website or service that you have found useful. Please note the DSNE does not endorse any product or website on this site, we purely demonstrate what is available, in good faith. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by any inaccuracy in our site or in linked sites/pages. If you discover any inaccuracies, please contact us - info@dyslexiascotlandnortheast.org.uk.


Related Dyslexia Websites

Dyslexia Scotland - Scottish Charity involved in Training, Education, Awareness Raising and Campaigning for dyslexic people. Information sheets.

Aberdeen City Council link & Aberdeenshire Council link.

Dyslexia Online Magazine - Parents & Professionals - online dyslexia magazine with a wide range of information - sign up for regular newletters.

Dyslexia Action - Assessment, Training and Education. Nearest branch is Glasgow.

British Dyslexia Association - National Charity involved in Training, Education, Awareness Raising and Campaigning for dyslexic people.

www.bdatech.org- new ICT website from BDA

Adult Dyslexia Organisation - National Organisations run by dyslexics for dyslexics.

Calibre Audio Books - FREE audio book postal lending service - 8,000 titles (1,400 for youths).

Listening Books - charity postal & internet based audio book lending service with access to 11,000 titles (inclduing some National Curriculum ones).

Learn Touch Typing - motivating online touch typing course with the BBC or adult related one.

Box Of Ideas - ideas of activities for raising children, including online discussion forums.

Do To Learn - educational resources including some free downloadable communication and visual materials.

Dyslexia Study Skills - devised by the University of Sheffield.

Starfall - free online resources to encourage learning of phonics - (USA).

Rainbow Readers - Scottish specialist related service providing care, advice, diagnosis and treatment for children and adults who are experiencing visual related difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.

Dyspraxia Foundation - supporting children and adults with dyspraxia.

Being Dyslexic online forums & support.

DSNE Facebook link

Dyslexia Related Software Websites

Iansyst - ICT company + monthly ICT related ASSIST Newsletters

Wordtalk - free text-to-speech plug-in for Office Word

Dyslexia friendly spell checker & TTS - Ghotit

Text-to-speech web readers - Natural Readers & Browsealoud

CALL Centre - expertise & training in technology assistance and communication, including Information Passport templatesinformation about digital exams including copies of examples, Clicker & Boardmaker resources, access to WordTalk software & relevant presentations & publications about accessing text using ICT. In addition to Books for Allwebsite with information about accessing digital, audion and alternative book formats.

Regional Support Centre - provising information, blogs and free ICT resources, including Edduapps - My Study Bar- free downloadable add on software with screen changer, text-to-speech reader, mindmapping & voice dictation options.

Nessy Software - UK based educational software company. Also has video clip about being dyslexic

Resources & Suppliers
Local Information

Aberdeen City Council link & Aberdeenshire Council link.

SCILL - Banchory based support group for all children with Additional Support Needs, including regular meetings, resource lending library and training events.

ASPECTS- Aberdeenshire ICT support service.

TASSCC - Aberdeen communication and ICT support service.

ADHD Aberdeen- local support group for children with Attention Deficit Disorder

National Autistic Society - local contact details of branches.

Legislative Links

Legislation The Education Additional Support for Learning (Scotland Act 2004) and amendments made in 2009 - provide the legal framework which underpins the system for identifying and addressing the additional support needs of children and young people who face a barrier to learning.

You can find details of these acts here

Under a Curriculum for Excellence, all children and young people are entitled to a curriculum that includes a range of features at the different stages.

You will find the Learner entitlements here.

Journey to Excellence Professional Development Pack - Meeting the needs of learners with dyslexia

Enquire- The Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning

Aberdeen Advocacy Service

Mediation Services


Gavin Reid - articles on dyslexia

Steve Chinn - article on children giving up on maths

Neil MacKay - articles

British Psychological Society - provides contact details for registered psychologists.


Documents to DOWNLOAD from Dyslexia Scotland North East.

Personal recommendations from Awareness Day Feedback

Dorothy Crystal, Optometrist, Edinburgh - http://www.edinburgh-eyetests.co.uk/dyslexia.htm

Nadia Northway, Behavioural Optometry Clinics throughout Scotland - www.rainbowreaders.co.uk

Ruth Miskin, Literacy Training - http://www.ruthmiskinliteracy.com/default.aspx

ICT free plug-ins - http://www.ghotit.com/home.shtml  

Neil Mackay - freelance consultant & trainer - http://www.actiondyslexia.co.uk/

SCILL workshops - Banchory ASN support group and trainer organiser - www.scill-deeside.co.uk

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