xdyslexStarted in January 2011, the North East youth club is going from strength to strength! We now have about 19+ regulars attending with almost equal boy to girl ratio. The youth club, similar to the whole branch, is run by commited volunteers. 

The aim of our youth groups is to 'help young people with dyslexia to think positively about their potential'. At XdysleX, they can be themselves, meet others experiencing similar issues and find out more about who they are. We don't overly focus on dyslexia, but it is discussed (in a sensitive manner) during activities and the group are often asked their opinions about things dyslexia related. There is no current age restrictions and we do not require 'proof' of a young person having dyslexia! If there are concerns about reading, literacy, memory &/or organisational issues, then that's often enough for us! See what we get up to here......

XdysleX Antics

As part of our Youth Group, we try to incorporate various experiential events to give them the opportunity to take part in new activities or experiences that might lead to new hobbies, skills or may open up future career options. Activities centre around teamwork, building personal confidence and have included; drumming, photography, rock wall climbing, media studies, Apple shop field trips, animation, street dancing, art & crafts, sports, team games, quizzes, baking, parties, trips to bolwling, Laser Tag, Pizza Hut etc... The group has also been involved in sponsored events including; pancake toss, bag packing, & street marching.  But sometimes, we just get some games out, or engage in team games outside (weather permitting!) & have fun. See below for some evidence....

We are always looking for new experiences for them, and we NEED YOU to help find us the contacts for some of these activities. If you have any useful contacts or ideas, please get in touch!


We also hope to provide the opportunity for our older youth club members to develop their leadership skills and use these contributions to help progress through the Youth Scotland's Achievement Awards (14yrs+) & Saltire Awards (12yrs+). The Youth Scotland Awards are accredited by ASDAN and are credit rated and levelled by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), both give our youths the opportunity to give something back to the branch, help support younger or newer members and evidence key skills required for future jobs and life! Any volunteers interested in helping with this would be most welcome!


XdysleX activites are subsidised by the main branch, we ask for youth members to make an annual donation of £15 - there might be occasional additional charges for special events and there is usually an annual treat or outing. If you would like to know more or have your youth come along to see what we get up to, get in touch with Youth Leader Susan Strachan - susan@DyslexiaScotlandNorthEast.org.uk (who has a current PVG for XdysleX). A membership form is required before acceptance to the group - you can download here or fill it out after visiting.


Future Plans:

We hope to create an online magazine type of area here that the Youth Group are responsible for & can share with youths further afield - watch this space!

We were very lucky to win £3,000 from one of our youths Young Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) applications - this will hopefully be used for developing Dyslexia Youth Club training resources and a 2016 team camp with fellow youths from the Fife Dyslexia Youth Club.


XdysleX photos & videos:

XdysleX have created their own DVD - The Dyslexia Experience, thanks to the huge support (& patience!!!) of Paul @the Aberdeenshire Media Unit - see some of the photos from the making of the DVD here. The finished (& very professional!) DVD is available for loan or purchase at the branch meetings.

XdysleX have tried out some animation. Here's a few of them;  Kerr's , Zoe, Anna & Eilidh's... more to follow soon! Other cool animations.....here + animated alphabetother clips using animation to explain about dyslexia - Dyslexia & I      A Picture Tells a 1,000Words


See herefor photos of recent events.  OuThank Yous to the Apple Shop.   XdysleX field trip to Aberdeen's Transition Extreme followed by Pizza Hut. & their thank you to the fab staff at Transition Extreme.

Nessy.com has an interesting cartoon presentation about Being Dyslexic at school. More...

Check out this useful website aimed at helping youths accept, be proud and positively deal with having dyslexia - http://thebigpicturemovie.com/students/. There is also a movie produced by the same group - Here's the trailer...We have copies in the branch resource library.


Youth News & Reviews:

Emma - A teenager's review of a Reading Pen -here.                                                                                       

13 year old Zoe’s drawings about what being dyslexic can be like are in the Gallery.   

Here's a song that was produced for the XdysleX DVD - written and performed by Charlie McDonald & XdysleX Youth Assistant Zoe Strachan. 

Being Dyslexic Powerpoint—developed by the Branch’s old Youth Group. Download PDF


Youth Recommendations  - Books explaining dyslexia:


For Older Kids:

What is dyslexia?, Alan M Hultquist

What do you know about dyslexia, Peter Sanders & Steve Myers

A Teenager's Guide, Sylvia Moody

For Younger Kids:

So you think you've got problems, Rosaling Birkett

Talking it through - Dyslexia, Althea

Involving Characters with Dyslexia:

Tom's Special Talent - Dyslexia, Kate Gaynor

My name is Brian, Brain, Jeanne Betancourt

Hank Zipzer series, Henry Winkler

The Vicar of Nibbleswicke, Roald Dahl

                                                                            - Books about studying:

Taking the hell out of homework - Neil MacKay

Advanced study skills - Christine Ostler & Frances Ward

Study skills for dyslexic students (with CD Rom) - Sandra Hargreaves. 

Study skills (DIY) - Pat Guy


Support Contacts:


Bullying - Respect Me,  Cybermentor,  Antibullying.netJenny Alexander booksContact-a-Family leafletUseful dyslexia realted bullying links


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